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Every time I enter a room filled with flowers my mood changes in a positive manner and thus I always encourage my friends to take into account the idea of adding some plants, flowers inside their rooms in order to bring a different air to their lives. This time I wanted to focus on a plant that really caught my attention and which is called Kalanchoe.

Kalanchoe is quite a popular plant who first appeared in Madagascar and Africa and its family includes over 130 species of plants. Most of these plants can be raised in apartments and thanks to their beautiful leaves many people prefer to have them inside their rooms as decorative plants. Also, their flowers are very colored and it offers you a great mood while looking at them. You are free to choose between pink and red, for example, and if these colors are not suitable to your preferences, there are other two options you have: orange and yellow.

If you are already convinced about taking this plant to your house, you need to know that it usually flourishes during spring. This is why if you want it to happen during winter, for example during Christmas time, then you have to work a little bit harder in order to force the process. Actually, your wish to have it during winter is absolutely justified, since its wonderful appearance will fit perfectly with all the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

The same rule applies if you are planning to offer Kalanchoe as a present for your dear ones. This would be a great gift from your part, since it symbolizes beauty, prosperity and optimism, but if you are lucky enough to make it flourish during winter time, then you will obtain a wonderful present. In general few people really know how to be thankful for the symbolic gifts they receive, but you will probably make your own research before choosing to offer a Kalanchoe.

The origins of this plant are another relevant characteristics for your decisions. The fact that is raised in Africa may offer you a great perspective over the idea of the wild populations living there. By having such a plant inside your house you will feel as if part of their culture is close to your everyday lifestyle and thus you can feel like being different from the people around you. This is supposed to be a rewarding feeling, so you could call yourself pretty lucky.