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If you are planning to buy something new that could offer a fresh air to your apartment or room, you could think of Streptocarpus! Even though some people might be willing to warn you before making such a crazy step, we think it is quite a wise choice. Take into account the fact that it is originary from Africa, mostly its areas from East and South. As far as the class that this plant belongs to, it is named Gesneriads and it belongs to the Afromontane types from Madagascar.

You can recognize these plants for their five petals and their appearance that resemble to orchids. They also have some tubes that look like salvers and if you look at them you will easily recognize them. As far as the position of the flowers towards the plant is concerned, these hover and basically stay in the air. If you are curious to find out how these plants look in the wildlife, you will be amazed to find out that these live on the craggy hillsides or even in the crevices of the rocks. If you are more concerned about having a particular type of Streptocarpus in your own room, there are some options of hybrids from which you can choose. You only have to decide over the forms and the colors that suit your tastes.

It is important to be aware of the fact these plants love the cold temperatures, since they live in montaneous areas of Africa and they are accustomed to living at 10 or 20 Celsius degrees. Thus, if you would like to take them at home, you need to make sure you can provide them this temperature and help them grow in a natural manner. Otherwise, they will die and your investment will become worthless.

Also, you have to take into account that if by mistake the temperature inside the room where you placed the plants is higher that 30 Celsius degrees or the sun is to powerful or you simply expose them to its ray lights, your plants will definitely die. There is no way to save them and since you are decided to invest a high sum of money in taking them at your home, you should take care of them as long as you can.

On the other hand, the benefits of Streptocarpus are more and worthy! These plants have some beautiful flowers that will totally provide you a beautiful image of your room, so if you have some space inside your house or apartment where you can keep them safely, you should use it!