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Every autumn, Europeans buy more than half a million amaryllis bulbs. And no wonder – Amaryllis is a plant easy to grow, a marvel that produces spectacular flowers throughout winter.
Even the most negligent “growers” may be very well influenced if they grow amaryllis. These are plants without problems, rarely attacked by diseases or insects.

But where do you think that the amaryllis pleasure comes from? It is originated from South America, where it still grows in some regions. In 1800s, the amaryllis bulbs were very rare and expensive. Illustrious people like Josephine, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the president of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, were collecting these plants. But despite the availability of collectors to spend large sums of money, there were found only few varieties like bright red flowers.

In order to make amaryllis plants bloom repeatedly, you have to remove the capsules after the completion of flowering and let the leaves develop normally. Then put the pot outside in a place between sun and shadow, after you make sure that all danger of frost has passed.

You should apply in each month a soluble water fertilizer such as 20-20-20 for the plant to produce many healthy green leaves. Keep the pot well watered and do not let it dry. A protective layer of mulch applied to the surface soil moisture will keep it wet.

At the end of September, stop watering it. When the leaves become soft and yellow, cut them. Move pots indoors and store them in a cool place, such as a porch or unheated garage; temperatures should not exceed 170 C.

After about two months, move the pots indoors at room temperature. Water them only when the shoots appear in November, then water them twice a week until the plant blooms again.

It is also possible to grow amaryllis in special vases for plants, bulbs, filled with water, as the hyacinths do, but be sure to fix the bulbs and maintain constant the water level. Moreover, an innovative method of growing amaryllis, recently introduced by the Dutch, is flourishing it on the land; you do not need any soil or water. Flowering on the land can be applied to any pre-chill amaryllis bulbs. Think of a wide land full of amaryllis. You will get a special and particular feeling of freedom and beauty just looking at it and enjoying its unique greatness.

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