The first and most important aspect to be known when dealing with the Coleus plant concerns the fact of being a part of the perennial plants. In addition, they can easily be found in their native countries, such as in the tropical Africa, among Asia, through Australia and even in the East Indies. On the other hand, as it has fast been expanded, anyone of us can find them even in the Philippines. Their kingdom is known as being the Plantae, among whom their family rises, being worldwide known as the Lamiaceae. If you are looking forward to discovering more about this majestic species, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines that concerns the Coleus plant differently:


One reason for which the Coleus plant is highly recommended to be cultivated and easily recognized among lots of other plants is their biggest characteristic – the color. Their beautiful aspect treats a sharp combination of colors, such as green, pink, black (or dark purple), yellow and even maroon or red! On the other hand, nowadays more and more colors are rising from nowhere, and it surely would not be a surprise to see a strange or excellent combination on one Coleus never seen before.

Still, as any other plant, Coleus is not always protected from interfering with diseases. One of them that may harm your plant is known as the downy mildew – it appears when you hardly expect, making the plant look dirty. Its effects affect their appearance the most, since it is impossible to clean the leaves without one solution to spray them. But do not worry – there are many treatments to get your plant back on track! All you need to take into account is a little time to show your plant the love you have kept inside.

Another disease a Coleus plant may interfere with is the impatiens necrotic spot virus, one over which you are ought to keep an eye on. Any of the diseases mentioned above may not be observed on time, unfortunately, since their effects could appear later from the time the virus came across your plant. Still, the disease mentioned is known for causing brown or yellow spots on leaves, making its appearance dehydrated even when they are completely watered.

These being said, if you are looking forward to owning one of the Coleus plant, let us say you are on the right track! There’s no doubt you will make one of the best choices, since such a beautiful appearance will please the human eye.