Flowering Maple

Nowadays having a decorative plants or more is a must, mainly because they can improve the general overview of your house and also because they offer you a new perspective over your living space. But not only decorative plants are being the main attraction for people, the same things applies for people who want to … Read more

The Morning Glory Flower

The Morning Glory flower is perfect for decorating gardens and adding some color to your front lawn. Depending on your preferences it can climb fences, or it can sprawl in all directions across the ground, so it’s up to you to decide how to cultivate this plants. The Morning Glory flower impresses with its beautiful … Read more

The Anemone Flower

Although most of these species are people’s favorite garden plants, the best purpose an Anemone flower can serve has to do with the most important day of a girl’s life, her wedding day. These flowers feature a very elegant and classy aspect that can highlight in a great way a wedding theme. Most of the … Read more


Oxalis is one of the most extended plants worldwide and among the places it lacks from there are the polar zones. On the other hand, it can esily be found in Brazil and South Africa, as well as in Mexico. There are hundreds of species of Oxalis and most of them are also named „wood sorrels” due to their taste … Read more


Every time I enter a room filled with flowers my mood changes in a positive manner and thus I always encourage my friends to take into account the idea of adding some plants, flowers inside their rooms in order to bring a different air to their lives. This time I wanted to focus on a … Read more

Kaffir Lily

How much time did you spend on looking for some information about Kaffir Lily and what decision did you take after having satisfied your curiosity? This plant is originary from South Africa and biologically speaking, it is part of the Iris family. Thus, these plants are also named Kaffir lilies and people still look for … Read more


If you are planning to buy something new that could offer a fresh air to your apartment or room, you could think of Streptocarpus! Even though some people might be willing to warn you before making such a crazy step, we think it is quite a wise choice. Take into account the fact that it … Read more


The Poinsettias, also known as ‘Joel Roberts Poinsett’ is worldwide recognized due to their usage in the Christmas decorations, both in Mexico and Central America. Their beautiful plumage of red and green leaves pleases the human eye, a reason for which none of them are left alone without taking at least a glance by a … Read more


The beautiful Chrysanthemums – also known as ‘mums’ or ‘chrysanths’ – are part of the perennial flowering plants, mostly recognized for their rich appearance. With some other 29 species on their family, they are the highly proud members that cover the Asteraceae family. In addition, their usage does know how to please the human eye … Read more


The first and most important aspect to be known when dealing with the Coleus plant concerns the fact of being a part of the perennial plants. In addition, they can easily be found in their native countries, such as in the tropical Africa, among Asia, through Australia and even in the East Indies. On the … Read more