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If you don’t know almost anything about Crotone, let us give you a clue: this is impressive! It is a shrub with leaves fleshy, with a model that makes them appear to be colored feathers. Originally croton leaves are green, but it changes its color over time in yellow, orange or red. There are many colors of a single indoor flower, which makes a unique Croton plant.

Crotons began to be cultivated as indoor plants for some time. Initially, its leaves were used in floral arrangements. There are many varieties of it, the differences between them are mainly about the length of the leaf, if they are flat and narrow, or wavy.

Crotons is not easy to take care of, it requires experience and knowledge. The basic conditions for development are to give it more light, a suitable temperature, adequate watering and plenty of atmospheric moisture.

First, any croton needs more light to keep their intense colors, though newer varieties grow well in poorer light conditions. However, light filled and moderate temperatures are the factors that ensure vivid colors of the leaves and rapid growth of plants in general. In other words, the more light it receives, the more colors will be brought to the leaves. During winter you can leave the plant to sit directly in the sun. During summer, Crotons should receive only filtered light, so take care of it.

cannot stand too high or too low temperatures – the ideal temperature is around 20 degrees. Anyway, you have to avoid temperature fluctuations, because otherwise the leaves will fall. In general, if the temperature is too low, the plant will drop all its leaves.

If you see that the bottom leaves of the plant are pale or brown colored, it means you have to increase humidity in the room. In this case, spray the leaves with water daily. In this case you can use a humidifier or the tray with pebbles and water.

Usually during summer, although it is more than enough light, high temperatures lead to discoloration of leaves – they become more pastel. To avoid this, move the pot in the coolest place in your home and cut on the chemicals for plant fertilization (too much fertilizer has the same effect on Crotons as high temperatures) and you don’t want it to happen. Every indoor flower has to be well taken care of because the result is great.

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