Howe fosteriana

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Kent (Howe fosteriana) is one of the best choices when it comes to decorative indoor palm trees. This is due to its bold appearance, which will always attract the eye. Elegant and airy foliage, Lady Saw will give any room a tropical note, plus a sign of elegance. It is ideal for homes and offices.

Howe belmoreana, or Kent, is a popular indoor plant, unpretentious, slow-growing. Mature plants have gracefully arched leaves right in the top of a short trunk. Inside the older copies, each fan of leaves can reach an opening of 30 cm and a length of 45 cm. The species have ribbed leaves longer than normal ones and not as beautiful as the Howe belmoreana arched.

The first species has a slightly wider crown, but the two species are so similar that they can be confused. Both of them are impressive-looking plants.

These plants have attractive foliage and also the advantage of being easy to care for. They adapt wherever they are placed, but they prefer rather dazzle and several hours of sun daily. Howe belmoreana(known as Kent) and Howe forsteriana differ only in development. They are very similar in appearance, they even have a single trunk with dark green leaves, leaflets separated into over 60 cm long and wide 4 cm, they both grow slowly and require several years to reach large.

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Like all palms, you cannot make cuts. It happens because their form and their mode of development does not allow such interventions. They can easily reach 2 meters height even though the bottom leaves will reach more than 1 meter. A mature plant will need more space, because it is much higher and also because the leaves are left to the ground around the trunk.

Therefore, you have to place the pot with Kent (Howe fosteriana) in the corner of the room or of the office, in remote places. If you want your indoor flower to look as a good palm, the place in which you put it should not have too much traffic, because people do not always take care while going next to the flowers and can touch their leaves by mistake.

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