In order to make your reading interesting and rather easily to cope with, we are about to give you one example of the Bromeliads to help you get a better understanding. The most representative of them, and also the one known by everyone is the pineapple, the juicy and tasty fruit we interfered with at … Read more

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, also known scientifically as the Spanthiphyllum, is one of the most beautiful plants that can be easily recognized due to its different appearance that pleases the human eye. Its home is back in the tropical regions mostly from America and south-eastern Asia. If you wish to discover more about the subject, make … Read more

Zebra Plant

The Zebra Plant, also known as ‘Aphelandra’ gets his name due to its zebra aspect – its leaves have numerous stripes, just like a zebra. Even though it may appear difficult to grow a Zebra Plant indoors, here are some easy steps to provide it with a well organized environment in order to be developing … Read more

Dumb Cane

The first and most important thing to be known about the Dumb Cane, scientifically known as ‘Dieffenbachia’ is the fact that it is a toxic plant. Either way you are looking forward to adopt one in your home or not, one thing is sure – you will really need to be careful at handling it, … Read more

African Violets

The beautiful African Violets, scientifically known as being a part of the ‘Saintpaulia’ species is a breathtaking appearance in the flower field. Due to its incredible resemblance to true violets and the part of the world they come from (eastern tropical Africa), they managed to get an easy but yet interesting name to make it … Read more

Flower Deliveries Today

If you’re a busy person and it happens that you sometimes forget a birthday or simply don’t have time to go shop around for presents, you’re in luck. Now, thanks to online flower delivery shops, you can send flowers and be sure they will reach that person the same day. This way, you’ll never have … Read more


If you want to make a change in your life and you don’t know where to start from, here is one idea that we are offering to you! Start by changing something in your house! This change will soon generate a wish for a change in your personal and professional life too. Well, we have … Read more

Billbergia Nutans Queen’s Tear

It is a lively, persistent, or epiphytes plant that grows on rocks. It reaches up to 100 cm tall and wide. Rosettes are large, compact forms. Having long leaves, thin ribbons which form more or less rigid to them, they may harsh. Those indoor plants are colored in gray green. With small, unscented, of tubular … Read more


The indoor Clematis plants have many colors and sizes, but generally they are purple, white, magenta and pink. All of them grow as well, so there is no reason, apart from the aesthetic to choose one color or another. Many people choose to plant in the garden more colors of the same plant. Clematis thrives … Read more