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When I first saw this indoor flower, I was astonished. I could not believe that such a plant can exist anywhere in this world! And that such a plant can be kept in our houses and taken care of. Anthurium is a flower that definitely deserves to stay in your living room or at least somewhere next to your office, because of its beauty and simplicity too.

Anthurium is an indoor flower which is also known under the name of Flamingo because of the shape and color similarity with birds. Tropical epiphytic Anthurium is a perennial shrub growing shaped, 70-80 cm high.

Leaves are glossy, cordiforme with long petiole, flowers are small, fleshy, arranged tightly in the ear-looking finger, colored white, yellow or red. The inflorescence is protected by a shoulder (modified leaves), in red, white, pink. It resembles a petal shoulder and is very decorative.

Epifits generally live in thick layers of muscles or the deposition of organic matter in various stages of decomposition. Consequently, epifits need a very loose soil, aerated, light penetrable, wet in most of the year and some acidity too. It may seem difficult to maintain, but after you did it for a couple of times, you will soon get used to.

Anthurium require regular watering in summer. You have to water the soil only when the surface gets dry. Spraying the leaves is beneficial (but more rarely on flowers) and watering must be done at room temperature. Hard water with a high composition in calcium salts causes unsightly staining of leaves. Plants are susceptible to foliar fertilization and soil applied only during the summer.

Transplanting is done in late summer-autumn when the bushes separation can be achieved. To maintain the moisture, the stem, roots can be covered with peat moss.
The optimum temperature of vegetable plants in winter is about 18 degrees.
Food from the soil can be supplemented during spring-summer with nutrient solutions for plants with flowers or plants acidophilous.water.

I highly recommend it to you, not only for its funny nickname, but also for its proprieties and its easy use. Once you have bought it, I’m sure you will not be able to stay away from it anymore, because it simply makes you love it! Anthurium is one of the most beautiful decorative indoor flowers I have ever seen and I am sure that most of you agree with my opinion.

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