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Who hasn’t seen a Cactus at least once in his life? We started to make contact to this plant even since we were in our childhood and we were watching to cartoons or we were reading magazines related to characters and images from the cartoons of our childhood.

Let’s see if the image of the Cactus that we used to hold until now is the same with the real scientific one. First, all cacti are succulent plants, that store liquids in the trunk to survive environmental conditions, almost no water. Until here there is nothing new.

The name of the plant is “juicy” and it comes from Latin: “succus” – juicy, with sap, slow – leaf development. Anyone knows how a cactus looks like.

In the world of plants and flowers, cactus can be considered the ugly duckling. These unique plants come in hundreds of forms developed, sizes and colors, which has stirred passions and an entire fashion among collectors of special plants.

Cactus is a plant different from the others. It is connected to they grow or live and how they survive. The plants are spread in many parts of the world. For example, the deserts of Mexico and the United States are as a home for many species of cacti. Most of them prefer a dry environment, but there are some who live in the rainforests of Central and South America and California too.

Most cacti have thorns – they are one of the major results for adapting to the environment. The thorns are actually reduced to minimum size leaves, which grow on cacti, in structures called “areola” (cacti are the only plants that have areola). The shapes, colors and the flower stem development catch the eye and the interest of the collectors. Cacti bring more life into a room or garden, they give an exotic air.

The best choice is to expose the cacti in groups of different species. In this case, the balance is essential. Another way is to expose a well-cared-for cactus in a place that is easily observable. Species with long spines, brightly colored are the most suitable for this.

Christmas or Christmas cactus, as is popularly said, have the advantage that they can be forced to bloom in a certain period. This is very important, especially if you want flowers for Christmas, which is a special occasion or for your own holiday period.

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