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Bougainvillea flowers have purple, red, white, orange and other different colors. No one can think of any landscape in Greece during the summer without bougainvillea that adds impressive color to every corner of the yard or white-blue background of the Greek islands. However, Bougainvillea is a plant native to the Mediterranean area.

Bougainvillea grows well in all types of land and especially if planted in large pots, placed on the balcony. You have to drain the earth very well, because the large amounts of water may damage the plant. During spring, when the weather begins to warm, the leaves appear, and then buds appear too. The flowers appear at the end of the branches and lasts for a long time.

In temperate climates flowering begins in early spring and lasts until the cold comes. During late autumn, when the weather begins to cool, the leaves turn yellow and fall, so winter bougainvillea looks like any leafless trees.

Bougainvillea is a strong tree that does not require a lot of care. It is resistant to insects or infection with various diseases, but if you check the foliage and stems as in other plants, you will be able to prevent any problem.

Being an original tropical plant, bougainvillea needs more light. It is recommended to plant a shrub in the same place to receive direct sunlight. Remember bougainvillea blooms not receive direct sunlight if they don’t have it for at least 8 hours a day.

Shrub watering must be used only when the leaves begin to wilt. Do not overdo the watering because either the leaves will fall or foliage will not grow as well and will not flourish in consequence. Also, be careful how to fertilize the plants.

Bougainvillea should not be exposed to low temperatures or strong air currents. The best place for the plant is near a wall to support a tutoring or next to any other place located in a safe and well connected position. If you want bougainvillea to grow faster in height (from where you planted it to the balcony, for example), you have to train it on a support or tie it with wire, make sure that the wrapped wire is of plastic. Try not to tie the branches too closely because they can break easily.

If you live in areas where winter temperatures are low, it is advisable to cover the shrub with a plastic so that will not freeze. Remember to make a few holes in foil to be able to evaporate the moisture.

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