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Schefflera is a popular indoor flower, known as “the umbrella tree” too, due to palmate leaves that suggests the image of an umbrella. Another name that is known in this species is “Aralia bright”, because it is part of the family Araliaceae.

It is a species native to the tropical areas of the globe, from Australia, Taiwan and others. Schefflera genus comprises about 150 species of shrubs and trees that reach heights in places of origin of 25-30 m.

Umbrella Tree is an evergreen plant and it is among the few species that maintain themselves beautiful even when they are located in dark places. It does not tolerate the direct sunlight. The leaf varieties require brighter places and consequently it provides a beautiful coloring of the leaves.

It thrives in places with moderate temperatures, around 18 to 20 constant degrees in summer and 15-17 degrees in winter. During summer these indoor flowers can be taken outdoors on balconies or terraces where they are protected from direct sun and drafts.

Watering is done depending on the season and depending on the intensity of plant growth. Thus, during intensive summer when the plant is watered with larger amounts of water you have to be careful not to exaggerate because it can be harmful to the plants. During winter, the watering should be done less frequently and with smaller quantities.

It is a plant that is easy to accommodate to any type of substrate provided to drain well and also retain enough water to be constantly moist. Fertilization can be done once a month with fertilizer with macro and micro nutrients concentrations reduced or no, because the plant tends to grow too fast. During the vegetation period, the plant can be pinched several times to stimulate stem branching from the base, and to get well branched shrub appearance.

If you want to transplant small plants, it is recommended to do it in every spring, in pots 2-5 cm larger in diameter than the previous ones and you have to use a fresh soil mixture. After having done this, you will be able to look proud at the results and repeat it over and over again with more and more success. Schefflera not only has an interesting name, but it is an interesting indoor flower too and if you have any intention of buying one, don’t waste your time on thinking. Just buy it!

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