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Bulbous hyacinths plants are highly appreciated. They are grown very much for their delightful scented flowers, which have wonderful pastel colors. Their blooming period is in spring. In trade there are forced grown bulbs which bloom in the last days of winter.

Bulbs that do not bloom in spring, force themselves to bloom in winter. In the house can grow the both types, but potted plants bloom only once and therefore you must buy new ones every year.
After the flowering period, bulbs do not have to be thrown, but instead the bulbs planted at a depth of 15 cm, may bloom next year.

If the plant forces bulbs in September, they will bloom around Christmas. The coerced is planted in January and will bloom in spring.

How to do this process: Place a layer of earth on the bottom of a bowl, and above it, the bulbs: Place them within no walking distance from each other, almost touching. After that, fill the empty spaces with soil so that on surface peaks will appear only bulbs.

Place the bowl in the dark in a cool and wet place, covered with a peat layer of 15 cm thick (you can keep it buried in the garden or put it in a box filled with peat).

When leaves begin to emerge tops in the peat layer, transfer the bowl in a bright place, at about 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature gradually increasing to a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius.
Place the bulbs in pots and water them regularly. You can place the bulbs and at the end of the mouth you can put there an appropriate glass vessel filled with water – the bottom of the bulbs must always have an easy way to reach the surface.

The grown hyacinths are all sterile hybrids. Even if they were obtained by sowing mature plants, they should be different from the original. Therefore they multiply exclusively by vegetative, separating the bulbs that grow around the main and separate them around the summer, replanting them during the rest periods.

If you excessively wet the plant, especially during sleep, you might mildew or rot the bulb. When it is extracted from the ground for replanting, sprinkle the powder found on the bulbs, especially if they were easily bullied (hit).

If you find on the bulb mites or larvae of flies, put them in hot water at 45 degrees Celsius for one hour before planting

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