Ficus Microcarpa

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Ficus Microcarpa is part of the family Moraceae and is part of the microcarpa species. Ficus genus includes very different plants from trees exceeding 30 m height in their countries of origin to dwarf species, crawling. Ficus has a different use.

Ficus microcarpa (Ficus retouch) or ficus bonsai plant is a decorative interior flower, with an easy maintenance, ideal for office and beyond. Any plant can become a bonsai, if you take the form of lower than normal and may last for years if planted in pots. Even herbs can take this form.

Microcarpa ficus plant can be stylized to suit the way you like in a showing bonsai. The most important aspect is to first take into account the needs of the plant that turned into bonsai and then the rules of bonsai making. Thus the issues that need to consider are: plant roots can be trimmed, the branches can be cut.

Ficus is an indoor flower which is easy to grow. During summer the ficus microcarpa has to stay in shady, moderately wet places and you have to spray water on their leaves. In winter, the most favorable temperature is 12-14 degrees. Growth promotion is achieved by using fertilizer.

Ficus microcarpa should be well cared for. During winter and summer it needs plenty of filtered light from a light curtain. Regular watering is needed to keep soil damp but an excess water will lead to root rot.

To create the necessary ambient, you have to maintain the ficus humidity and the leaves must be periodically sprayed with water at the room temperature. Do not keep the pot near a heat source (radiator, radiator heater, etc.) but not near a door or an open window either.

Some leaves yellowing and falling from time to time are natural processes, given the season where we are. But if the process is accelerated and ficus microcarpa begins to lose more and more leaves, then there may be a disorder of irrigation, the dry air or cold air currents.
Microcarpa ficus plant is transplanted in late April or early summer, in large pots and the recommended land use is rich in humus, peat and ½ sand.

It is a beautiful indoor flower and its suitable for offices and living rooms as well. It not only refreshes the air in your house, but it also provides you with a nice feeling of happiness.

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