Calla flower

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In this article we want to recommend to you a beautiful indoor flower. Its name is Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopiea) and it is a large flower with thick petals, waxy and solitary heads of 15-20 cm length. Since the bloom it may seem strange that each tuber has 10, even 30 flowers. Colors are varied – white, yellow, pink, red, orange and green. As a cut flower, it will last between 7-10 days.

Care and cultivation:

Once the colored bulbs have flourished, they add a splash of color to any garden. There are several basic principles when it comes to cultivation and the holding. First, after buying bulbs baggage, it is better to remove the package and to let it stay a few days in a dry, well ventilated place – it will dry out and become stronger before being planted.

The tubers are planted 5 inches deep, with sharp or green side up. Earth should be easy, well-drained. Also, direct sunlight give strong color to the flowers. In areas with high temperatures, it should be planted in partial shade to avoid too hot ground.

Coverings around the path with straw and dried leaves will control the temperature. Earth must always be wet. It is very important that it is not completely dry, but not to be soaked with water. The baggage should bloom in 60-90 days after planting. Of course, this time varies significantly depending on air temperature and soil, and depending to the hybrid too.

In general, the greater the tuber is, the higher will the flowers be. Depending on the variety, the hold will bloom 6-8 weeks continuously. After blooming, you have to wet and treat it with chemicals to assure the fertilization. Such care is important for tuber, because it starts to grow only after blooming.

Calla is very resistant to winter frost including to strong or extreme moisture. Once the foliage fades, the tubers will be dug and placed in storage in a cool, dry place throughout the winter. The latency of the plant is very important for healthy development of the tuber. Minimum storage period is 10 weeks, although they can resist even up to 8-10 months without deteriorating. After the rest period, you can go on planting the tubers again.

Calla is a very charming and enjoyable flower that deserves to be seen in every house, despite its smith and sayings about good or bad luck. Callas can also be used as wedding flowers, for the bride’s bouquet or as table arrangements. You can really make some impressive arrangements from differently colored callas, or just match them with big, green leaves in order to achieve wedding flowers that are fresh and endearing.

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