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Guzmania is a very popular plant, but few people know that this is an ephemeral plant. This is the reason why we can enjoy its beauty only for 6 months every year. Therefore, you have to replace it periodically.

Guzmania is a “bromeliacee”, which can be found in subtropical forests of Central and South America and the West Indies. These plants can be seen how they live as “epiphytes” on trees.
Maybe you are curious to know what the “epiphytes” are? Well, they are plants that establish their growth as the trees, but without parasites and without them.

There, she has access to the light that is filtered by the branches of tall trees and get their needed water development by capturing rain splash cup formed by the leaves. The leaves are arranged in rosettes, arched, light green. If you want to know something else about them, the normal length of leaves is about 20-30 cm.

This flower can be found white, orange, yellow, purple or red. The flowers themselves are small, insignificant, live a little, 1-2 weeks, but decorative blossom lasts approximately 4-8 weeks.

After drying the flower, the plant enters a rest period, when, if it receives good care, it will produce a young side. Slowly, the mother plant will devitalize, allowing the baby to develop.
Appropriate time of detachment is when it seems the baby is vigorous enough.

Guzmania adapts well in areas with indirect light. It even supports average temperature, without any excesses. The central rosette should be kept moist by spraying or by pouring an abundance of small amounts of water. Water from the central rosette must be replaced periodically, and the rosette should be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. It is desirable to use rainwater for the operations mentioned above.

Guzmania has a lifespan of about six months – a year, depending on the conditions in which they live. However, it is very popular. Remember, any interior space in which we spend more than an hour a day is necessary to ambient natural decorative plants for a better quality of the air we breathe and for the atmosphere and the better environment in which we are living.

This is because natural plants purify air pollutants (dust, chemical emissions from furniture and carpeting), combat air dry and increase the efficiency at work by offering a special feeling of comfort.

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