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In this world there is a huge range of indoor flowers, among which Erica is the most appreciated. In case you have never heard of this flower, we invite you to get some information from the following article.

These plants are small shrubs that bloom during the winter months. Their small leaves and flowers are attractive, but these plants will fail in a room with central heating and you have to avoid such conditions. In an atmosphere filled with hot air, the leaves are falling quickly, so choose cool place to keep the plant.

Pay attention to watering! Never use hard water and be careful not to use any dry compost. There are two popular varieties: gracilis has small flowers, spherical, pink or pale purple and hyenalis, which has large flowers, tubular, pink with white tip.

Even in cool conditions and maintained according to the wet compost, you can not expect these plants to survive long in the house. So we are sorry to give you another warning!

They have leaves like needles and lots of small flowers – Erica gracilis is the favorite and her flowers appear only in autumn and winter. Erica hyenalis is also growing widely – it thrives in the same period as Erica gracilis, but the flowers are larger – almost 1.9 cm long tubes and they have pink mouth.

These are indoor plants and the temperature must be kept at 4.5 – 13 degrees when they make flowera. Also the likght should be in a very strong quantity and little direct sun is beneficial. As far as the amount of water is concerned, you should keep the compost wet from time to time and even try to wet it frequently if necessary. Pay attention to use soft water!

After flowering, you should also take care of some specific facts: usually the plants are discarded and in order to keep them another year, you have to put the shoots after flowering outside during summer. Also about the propagation you should know that it is not easy. Take stem cuttings late during spring and do not forget to use a hormone sprouting.

Erica is actually a beautiful name worn by women and children all around the world, so it would be a beautiful present for someone on their birthday. Keep in mind this idea and maybe there comes a moment when such an indoor flower helps you to offer a beautiful present.

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