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We have thought about sharing with you some information about an interesting indoor flower, called Leander. It is not such a popular indoor flower, but we hope that after reading this article, you will think about it in a different manner.

During summer, you can meet them everywhere, starting with gardens, parks, alleys and finishing with priest and balconies or terraces. The Leander, in general, represents a species of exquisite flowers, but they are more for decorative choices and make sure that they are very beautiful.

This indoor flower is original from Brazil and Argentina, where you can find almost 15 known species of this kind. In Europe, Leander began to grow since the early twentieth century. Over time, people obtained Prinstradania horticulturalists and Petunia nyctaginiflora from Purple Petunia and so on, they continued to obtain many other varieties.

The plantation is simple: the only grow low to the ground and therefore, they can be grown for many purposes: parks and gardens or rebates, alone or in combination with other herbs.
Must petunias are resistant to wind and flowers and they do not hurt, not even if it is raining.

They need sun and prefer the organic soil, especially manure plus so that the water can pass more easily through the mixture. During winter you can grow it even in an enclosed space. This requires that you transplant seedlings in September in small pots. You have to leave them outside in a sheltered place and freeze them before letting them to stay on a sunny window. By January the first buds begin to appear.

Propagation by seed petunias must be done in a special way. If there are more special varieties that do not produce sufficient seeds, you can do the cuttings gently to the tips of the shoots. You can do it almost in every season.

As you could see, the Leander is a species of indoor flower that doesn’t request much attention and its flowers are really beautiful. Your house will look differently and the smell will be even more likely if you put some of them in your own room.

Every indoor flower, not only Leander, represents a nice presence in your home place and you will soon notice the positive impact that these plants will have in your life and in your own moods. Think about it and make a decision as soon as possible, because later it could be too late!

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