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Let us introduce you to a beautiful indoor flower, which you will love from the very beginning. It will not only change your life, but your house appearance too.

Gloxinia (sinningias speciosa) is a plant with short flower stems, hairy leaves and oval edges. Colors range from white to pink and to purple. They are available in stores starting from May to August, but due to the forced culture, they can bloom at any time of year.

Gloxinia specious and its varieties are excellent houseplants. But the lack of attention and poor care may cause troubles. Although they may live a few years, they are unable to resist just a few weeks in such bad conditions. Too much sun or too much water on the leaves can be very bad for this species too. Gloxinia needs water, but will never tolerate water on the leaves or floral crown. Give your plants the moisture they need, placing a saucer under the pot filled with water.

Watering should be done with softened water at the temperature of the room, so that soil will be covered in its depth, not only on the surface. If the soil will be left to get dry for more than 2 cm, it will be affect the normal development of the plant.

The minimum temperature you can tolerate is 16 degrees and the maximum range around 33 degrees. The difference in temperature between day and night is good to be around 10 degrees. You should avoid cold, especially during cold season.

When you buy a Gloxinia, you must be sure it has a healthy foliage, dark and uniform, with tight buds and many countries. Check armpits leaves, lest there are placed pests.

Do not buy plants who are sick, no matter how lovely you are as a person, because that way you act will be a the risk for the ones you already have at home. However, if it happens something like this, isolate and treat a sick plant with appropriate insecticide, depending on the problem.

Gloxinia is one of the interesting plants that do not require special care and which adapt well to environmental conditions in our homes. There are many varieties available, so you will choose what you like. For these reasons, it is very popular.

For problems caused by insects, there are used insecticides, and you also have to remove the diseased buds.

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