How many times haven’t you feel differently after entering to a house full of flowers? Didn’t you have away from the stress and the every-day worries? Well, have you ever thought of buying such an indoor flower too? Once you get used to it, your house will soon become more beautiful.


Pelargonium (Muscat) is a flower with many colorful and beautiful leaves, rounded and slightly scented and it feels very well in full light and full sun.

When the flowers fade, you have to cut the branches that are the first pair of leaves below the flower. If the roots are starting to go out through the holes, young plants can be moved more frequently in vessels with a diameter of about 13-15 cm. To stimulate growth of new branches you should cut the new peaks increased.

During summer, the temperatures should vary between 20 and 24 degrees. Every two weeks, from April until September, add water to wet them. In mid summer when the flowering period is over, let the plants rest for about 6 weeks. After this time, it will gradually return to normal care.

Moving to other vessels and cutting is postponed to late summer, early fall. But take care: Watering can cause plenty of mushrooms and the leaves can be affected by rust.

Among the scented species there is “Pelargonium crispum” – the leaves are rounded, their edges are ruffled and give off a lemon scent. Another one is “Pelargonium graveolens” or “geranium-rose” – is named for the scent of rose you have leaves.

When using seeds (found bags of seed geraniums in various colors) take care not to plant them in a deep pot so that moisture will accumulate and roots in the training will be affected. Generally crops need light, moderate watering and temperatures above 22 degrees.

Seeds will germinate in the first seven days, but so will all arise and it will take about 2-3 weeks, depending on the depth of every plant (usually 1-2 cm). These plants do not need transplantation and as you have seen, it is not very difficult to take care of them. After all, every day has 24 hours and one can take a few minutes to spend for the maintenance of the flowers. An indoor flower is always a source of motivation and happiness, well-being in every person who lives next to it.