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Who didn’t wish at least once to have a flower, an indoor flower, to take care of and to talk to in the most difficult moments of his life? Flowers can be very good listeners, especially if they are taken care of and if they help you feel more comfortable while watching them. Apart from the good feeling that you have while looking at them, indoor flowers can also be a reason to be appreciated by the others. You can make a good impression or you can influence the others to follow your example.

We propose you to take into account a very nice indoor flower, in case you feel that your place needs more vegetation. This is called Hibiscus and it is one of the most beautiful indoor flowers that exist in this world. Its beauty is due to its splendor, and if you give it enough attention, you will be pleased to see it blooming all summer long. The petals can compete without any problems with the roses.
Depending on the species, flowers may be single and rich, and of different colors: white, yellow, pink or dark red. The countries of origin for these plants are China and East India. Actually, Hibiscus grows here as a bush about a meter high.

Hibiscus Rosa – Sinensis is the only species that is grown indoors. Its flowers have various shapes and colors as you could find before. You should be aware of the fact that this plant loves light and sun, and if it’s raised in such a place, the number of flowers will grow visibly. Only younger plants must be protected from aggressive sun.

During summer, Hibiscus can be placed outside without any problems, on a terrace or a balcony open, but at the end of September, it has to be brought inside. In winter, between November and January Hibiscus enters a quiet phase. This is why you should place it somewhere where it is cooler. Otherwise, if you keep the warm atmosphere, it will become increasingly weaker and more sensitive and you don’t want to have such problems.

From early spring Hibiscus needs lots of water, fertilizer and moisture in the air weekly. Therefore it is better if it drops often. You should put water in winter at the temperature it is held, so if the temperature is low you will put less water.

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