How to Find Square Feet Depending on Your Garden’s Shape

When you decide to create a garden, you must make all the necessary measurements in order to determine how many plants to buy, and how much fertilizer, seed and soil you need in order to obtain the best results. To find out all this information, you have to calculate the area of the space where you want your flower bed to be. So, if you want to learn more about how to find square feet depending on your garden’s shape, you must apply some geometry formulas that are very simple.

To fill a bed while respecting the recommended plant spacing, you need to know how to find square feet for the place where you want to have your garden. If your garden has a square or a rectangular shape, you can calculate its area very easily. All you have to do is use a tape measure and find out the dimensions of its length and width. Multiplying these two dimensions will help you obtaining the answer that you were searching for.

How to Find Square Feet Depending on Your Garden's Shape Picture

How to find square feet if your garden has an irregular shape?

If the area where you are planning to plant your flowers has an irregular shape, you must separate it into smaller rectangular shapes, and calculate the area of each one of them. Next, you have to add the results together to find out the area of the entire place. For a triangular space, simply multiply the base and the height to obtain its area. However, there are cases where you may have to deal with circular places, which might seem a little intimidating.

There is no need to worry because the formula that you must apply in this situation is simple. The first thing that you need to do is determine the radius of the circular area by measuring from the center of the circle to the edge. Then, you have to multiply the radius times itself and times 3,14. If the space that you are dealing with is semi-circular, you must multiply the result by ½ to determine its square feet.

How to calculate volume?
In order to find out the proper amount of soil amendments that you need, you have to figure out the volume. To calculate volume, you must determine the depth that you want to fill, and multiply it with the square feet of the place. However, take note that you must multiply the same type of units, so you can’t multiply feet by inches.