Zebra Plant

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The Zebra Plant, also known as ‘Aphelandra’ gets his name due to its zebra aspect – its leaves have numerous stripes, just like a zebra. Even though it may appear difficult to grow a Zebra Plant indoors, here are some easy steps to provide it with a well organized environment in order to be developing properly:

The first and most important aspect to be known when talking about ways to grow the Zebra Plant has to deal with its placement – the Zebra Plant is not a light craver, so a curtain would make it perfect to develop as expected. Still, if there is no curtain to be made useful for its growing, there’s no need to panic – just place it some feet away from the window, so that the natural sunlight may not harm it.

Staying on the same topic, another aspect of the Zebra Plant concerns the environment it is most likely to grow in – since it is a cooler plant, the Zebra Plant will surely enjoy cooler temperatures than the usual ones. Also, the potting mix moist must be watered frequently, always keeping the plant as cooler as possible – but make sure not to ice it!
On the other hand, as any other plant, it needs from time to time natural sunlight – but as much as a curtain can avoid – by this way, your Zebra Plant will develop and live happily ever after – and who does not wish that? We know you are one of them, so the steps mentioned above will surely give you a hand in dealing with it. The beginning may always appear frightening, but as days go by, you will slowly understand how easily it is to deal even with the well known Zebra Plant!

One aspect ought to always be kept in mind is that besides the fact that it is a plant, the Zebra Plant does like a warm environment – but not a hot one! There is a limit ought not to be exceeded, so make sure this condition is kept and fulfilled as expected. So, what are you waiting for? Have you already managed to get your own Zebra Plant? If so, we are looking forward to hearing it! By the moment they are really to flower, you will surely know your plant the best way possible. All you need is a little bit of time and dedication to put your work and see the outcome that is ought to be the one expected!

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