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Have you ever heard of Kohleria? It is synonymous with Isoloma and its common name is Australian Bells. It is part of family Gesneriaceae and it’s original fromCentral and South America. 

As far as the layout and the presentation are concerned, Kohleria looks like root plants in the form of rhizomes, stems pendent, hairy leaves and tubular flowers. Kohler is one of the most-common plants in our homes. Even if the name is not always known, this plant is admired and loved. Her flowers resemble those of Gloxinia, which is also sometimes confused. It looks like colored trumpets, slightly pendent, sprinkled with small dots. The diversity of colors in which it is set – with splashes of deep red garnet, the orange or yellow with red splashes pink – green or purple -lilac points makes it extremely attractive and sought after by collectors. 

You might be interested in the terms of care / cultivation too. So here is what you should know: it grows dramatically in pots suspended, placed on the sunny terraces or balconies or at least with intense light. They need ventilated, developing both vertically and horizontally.  
Light is a key factor in growing this wonderful plant inside. To enjoy its delicate red flowers, you must place the pot in a well lit, with several hours of sun per day. A poor lighting makes the plant grow weak, leafy rare, pale green and no flowers. 

Kohleria loves heat, but not exaggerated. Withstand cold better than heat, in the latter case, the flowers go faster, and leaves twist at first, then dry and fall. You have to make sure the temperature is between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius. By maintaining a period of about two weeks of temperatures of 12-15 degrees, you will induce the plants need for rest. This usually happens in winter when the plant is resting, rhizomes preparing for the next cycle of vegetation. 
Kohleria grows well and blooms in nearly all types of substrate, but the fertile, loose and light are by far the best and those that have a slightly acidic pH (between 4.5 and 6.5) are ideal.  This indoor flower is sensitive to excess water, so an improper watering will cause the melting of the plant, starting with rhizomes. Although it has adapted over time to any type of care, flowering and slightly harsh conditions, Kohleria is a beautiful indoor flower that deserves to be kept in good conditions.

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