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Lilium is a small part of the big Liliaceae family. It looks like an herbaceous summer flowering plant, which can be exposed in full sun and at a medium watering.

Lilies are flowers of different colors from white to yellow, orange, pink to red, with petals and thin leaves bent or twisted. There are two types of Lilium: those which are only from the roots and the bulb that besides them – starting at the root of a bulb above the rhizome. They need sun, but also they must be protected from air currents.

Cultivation: Lilium has a medium difficulty one. You can plant this indoor flower in spring or fall. Some species of bulbous roots are planted 10-15 cm deep and the other at 25 cm. This process is done by placing a bulb in some sort of special compost humus consisting in chopped leaves, rotting and sand. For this, you should put a state of broken or sand from the vessel in which flowers are planted. Furthermore, add plenty of water and after the appearance of first buds add a liquid, but only half the amount recommended by the text written on the packaging.

This process is done by dividing the bushes, the scales and seeds. Division shrubs are done in October or in March and planted following the steps seen above. When you combine roots, bulbs must be separated at the beginning of autumn, planted at 4-45 cm depth, away from heat in pots of 15 cm. The second method is more complicated. Scales are introduced in compost consisting of sand and peat with only half of its length. The spreading of seeds must be done in hotbeds in a compost of sand and peat. As a finish, cover it with a layer of sand, wet a little your work and place it into a cool place.

Hazards: A faulty water dosing may lead to deterioration and it could even destruct bulbs. Lilies are usually attacked by beetles of the genus Criogenas that can be destroyed by contact insecticides. This will help your plant growing and developing shades and colors which will make your home looks spectacular.

Making part of a big family, the Lilium indoor plant has a lot of species and varieties, such as: bulbiferum Lilium, Lilium candidum, Lilium canadense, Lilium mrtagon, pardalinum Lilium, Lilium pyrenaicum, specoisum Lilium, Lilium Lilium tigrinum or lancifolium.

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