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Stapel is a succulent flower that comes from South Africa and Namibia, and includes about 50 species. Flowers are strange, star-shaped with five petals red, purple or yellow, often striped. Surface can be glossy or petals covered with brush, and most species produce an odor of putrefaction to attract insects.

Most species are easily grown as Stapel. Others, especially those with stems, are covered with hairs and unusual flowers and they are more demanding and therefore they require careful watering during the growing period. The water is mixed with fertilizer to keep plants healthy. During the summer, when it is hot and before the flowers open you have to put more and more water to the plants. During the winter you should not put so much water. The water temperature must be at least 10 degrees, taking care not to wet the plant too much. A heat source can help more fragile plants to overcome during the cold months. In their natural habitat, most species grow in clumps Stapel and prefer shadows, but indoor plants prefer the sun, because they are not too strong.

Especially for the sensitive species, it is preferable to be planted in pots of soil. Also, because roots do not sit in moisture, it is best to place a layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Some breeders prefer to use mineral fertilizer to reduce the chances that the plant roots are attacked.

The propagation must be done either by seeds or by cutting stems, during spring time, just before it starts to grow.

Here we offer to you some species of Stapel, so that you could get a wide image of the variety of indoor flowers: Stapel flavo-purpurea, Stapel gigantean,Stapel grandiflora, Stapel hirsute, Stapel cactiformis (Larryleachia cactiformis), Stapel engleriana (Tromotriche engleriana), Stapel flavirostris (Stapel grandiflora), Stapel melanantha (Orbeopsis melanantha), Stapel nobilis (Stapel gigantea), Stapel variegata (Orbea variegata).

I am sure that you will find at least one of them to attract your attention and you will make it soon part of your house, because such an indoor flower should not be ignored so easily. Think about the variety of colours, smells and feelings that you will get once you have taken this kind of indoor flower in your own house. Everybody will love them, starting with your family and finishing with your neighbors and friends, relatives and simple acquaintances that visit you.

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