Have you seen the colored primroses in flower shops? Well, it means spring is close. The primroses’ bloom is a sure sign of spring arrival.


Care Tips

The primrose flower buds have appeared since the fall. It is the moment when to the plant is given a fertilizer every two weeks. They started to bloom in late December. It resist through fall and winter at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. It is important that the flowering time do not exceed 16 degrees, if we want the Primroses flowers to last longer. It likes light but not in direct sunlight and airy environment, but away from drafts. The primrose plant is watered thoroughly.

Keep the compost moist during flowering, but avoid soaking it with water. The plant needs watering 2-3 times a week, time in which you have to take care not to wet the flowers. Remove dead or yellow leaves. Like the flowers withered, to prolong flowering,
unload the plant.

After the blooming period, every two years you have to transfer the plant, taking care not to destroy the earth using a slightly larger pot (up to a maximum diameter of 15 cm). Divide larger plants, planting separated portions into separate pots. The plant pot will not be changed by replacing a 1.5 cm layer of soil. Keep the plant in cool (10-16 degrees C). Continue watering regularly until the resumption of vegetation.

Plant diseases and pests

Botrytis can appear (mold) if you water too much and if space is not ventilated. If the air is too dry the plant can be attacked by red spider. Lice affect the growth of the new green shoots. The primroses appear in many kinds, with leaves of different sizes and various colored flowers. They bloom in autumn or spring. Propagation is done by seed (hard). In terms of apartment the primroses are not decorative plants for a long time.

After germination, the primroses will not require watering daily. They will be watered only 2-3 times a week or more often if you notice that the soil begins to dry. When you wet, be careful not to pour plenty of water because the roots may rot.

The indoor flowers, primroses, are not very resistant to high temperatures. Almost all species of primroses are planted in a cool and shaded place in the garden. They accept only the morning sun which is not so strong to harm them.

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