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Have you ever heard of Tillandsia? I haven’t heard of it until now, but I can share some information to you. Tillandsia is part of the family Bromeliaceae, native to Mexico and Argentina. Also known as pink or daughter up air with a slow growth rate, is very decorative, tough and easy to maintain. Tillandsia cyan lives 3-5 years until blooming. After a few months after flowering, the plant dies.

Its leaves are smooth, arranged in rosettes, partly scaly, they are linear, rough and dark green colored. The plant blooms late spring and autumn and the flowers pink, purple or blue are quite enduring.

Tillandsia cyan loves bright light, but also you must be careful to let it stay away from direct sunlight. It supports average temperatures between 10-18 degrees at night and 20-28 degrees during the day. For the hot summer days it is necessary to spray the leaves with water at room temperature.

This indoor flower prefers a loose soil, well drained, consisting of equal parts peat, coarse sand or perlite, mranita leaf or bark. Transplantation is recommended only when the pot is too small and does not allow root growth. In other situations it should not be done.

Substrate must be kept moist for most of the time, but make sure that water can rot roots. In cold season, you should pay attention to slowing the process of watering.

Tillandsia plants have resistance to disease and pests. Cosenil flour are among the few who could attack the plant. You can easily escape them with a solution of water with dishwashing detergent solution or with the stores administered as directed on the package.

Besides excessive watering which is harmful to the plant, keep in mind that the too dry room air can cause drying leaf tips. Tillandsia multiplies by division. Also, after the plant has finished blooming and dying, it will produce young shoots. These can be separated and potted in separate plants. They will bloom in 2-3 years.

Dividing the plant can be made at any time of year. The seeds should be planted in a mixture of peat and gravel and kept the light at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. It will soon grow and you will be able to watch it in all its beauty. Tillandsia has something apart from all the indoor flowers and you will notice it right after keeping it for a few days in your house.

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