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The Botanical Name of Yucca is Yuccafilamentosa “Variegata” and it is part of the family called “Agavaceae”. The type of the plant is evergreen and the best time for planting is anytime. If you want to place it your house, you should put it in front of a window, because it needs a lot of light. The Preferred soil types are garden soil, and fertilizer called mranita. The
fertilizer should be used once a year, preferably during spring and the flowering period is in August.

Yucca is part of the lily family. Originally from Mexico and Guatemala, Yucca is one of those tropical plants that need an apartment with a lot of light. Yucca will survive if it has a lot of light, but you will have to make sure it gets proper care. In a natural environment yucca can reach a height of about 12 meters and the diameter can reach between 80 and 100 centimeters.
There are two types of yucca: with and without strain.

When watering the plants, do not let them stay in a puddle of water. It can accumulate in the saucers under the pot. If the plant is in an area that gets very little light and too often wet, there is a risk that it will rot. How do you know that your plant has too much water? When a yucca is too wet the result of this will be that the leaves will fall, especially those that are very close to the ground.

In the natural environment, the living color is green. Yucca’s leaves are very dark, but instead of it the leaves will open in color in the house and will become a pale green. Yucca leaves are very sharp and very harsh and rigid. Their length is between 30 and 45 inches.

Most houseplants that originate tropical countries do not feel very well with very sudden changes of Operating Temperature. One of the biggest advantages of this plant is that it is able to pass safely over temperature changes. If the room of the yucca has good air circulation, that indoor flower can withstand temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to 35 degrees.
This makes from the yucca a plant that does not require much effort and makes it a perfect choice for areas where the changes of temperature are frequent.

You can use yucca and cacti to create a corner of your home with a look inspired by Western movies.

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