Cyclamens is highly prized houseplants because its flowers appear throughout the cold season, from November until March. The scientific name comes from the Greek word Cyclamen Kuklos, which means circle, representing an allusion to the flowers talks that tend to twist in the spiral, before and after blooming.


Cyclamen looks like bush, with fleshy leaves, pale green and white, twisted.

Feature of this plant is the underground stem flattened, round, form the tuber, which can reach up to 12 cm in diameter.

Flowers are very large and beautiful, with white, red or purple petals on which the tips were bent and rolled.

The indoor flowers Cyclamens culture is not too easy. The seeds apparently mature in September and October are on the ground gases, 4 cm distance from each other.
In a few months, when tubers reach up to 3-4 cm and develop leafs then they can be moved in a pot with wet earth.

After flowering, the tubers lose leaves and enter in the rest period.

Soil suitable for cyclamen should be slightly acidic, well drained and high in nutrients and humus.

You can use a mixture of 60% ground leaf beech, 25% peat and 15% ground sand.

Since late September, Cyclamen buds are in the process of forming. During this period, the plant needs a 10-15 C temperature and a good light but not let in direct sun.

If you want to keep plants blooming as long as it is good to put it in a cool place at least at night. It is recommended to avoid placing the pot of cyclamen in rooms with air dry ambient because this can cause plant wilting and drying to the flowers.

To flourish every year, Cyclamen require a rest period. After passage of flowers, tubers left in the pot are kept in the shade in a cool place.

In autumn and winter, the ground must be kept constantly moist. It is advisable to pour water in medium pot stand, leaving it about 20 minutes, then to remove what was not absorbed by the compost.

During the boom, every 2-3 weeks, it is best to feed the plant with a liquid fertilizer, diluted in water.

Watering is reduced gradually during the plant enters the period of rest.

Cyclamen is sown in late summer-early autumn. Place the container with soil for sowing in the shade in a warm place. Seeds will germinate in 5-6 weeks.

In late spring, you can multiply by dividing the cyclamen tubers. Remove soil from the roots and tuber divided so that each piece has a few buds.

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