Monstera deliciosa

This indoor plant is very common in homes or office space due to its increased strength in a very different way; this flower is always in a state of vegetation. The Captiva is a tropical plant that winds through forests. In South and Central America the plant life starts when rising from a tiny seed, … Read more


Have you ever heard of Gerber? Let me give you some clues: it is an indoor flower,original from South Africa, South America and Asia, Gerber is called like this by some German botanists. It reached Europe in 1900 and has established itself in range 60 years later. Gerbera is a plant with deeply notched leaves … Read more

Hoya Davidcummingii

The scientific name of this indoor flower is Hoya Davidcummingii, but the common name is Wax Flower. The type of this plant is perennial, climbing, indoor. Overall, it is small compared with other varieties but has a higher growth rate. The plant lies on the stairs or bamboo bow. As far as the light and … Read more

Howe fosteriana

Kent (Howe fosteriana) is one of the best choices when it comes to decorative indoor palm trees. This is due to its bold appearance, which will always attract the eye. Elegant and airy foliage, Lady Saw will give any room a tropical note, plus a sign of elegance. It is ideal for homes and offices. … Read more

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Having the scientific name of ‘Zamioculcas zamiifolia’ and some synonymous names such as ‘Z. lanceolata, Z. zamiaefolium Caladium’, this plant is known as being part of the great Araceae family originated from Zanzibar. The ‘ZZ Plant’ was introduced in Europe in 1828; it quickly conquered an important place in the category of exotic decorative plants. … Read more


Phalaenopsis or the moth orchid is perhaps one of the best orchids grown as houseplants and is one of the favorites of those who have emissions.Well-developed plants will bloom often as you know, even for several times a year, although their season begins in late winter. The average temperatures and the conditions under ordinary found … Read more


Have you ever heard of Tillandsia? I haven’t heard of it until now, but I can share some information to you. Tillandsia is part of the family Bromeliaceae, native to Mexico and Argentina. Also known as pink or daughter up air with a slow growth rate, is very decorative, tough and easy to maintain. Tillandsia … Read more


Have you seen the colored primroses in flower shops? Well, it means spring is close. The primroses’ bloom is a sure sign of spring arrival. Care Tips The primrose flower buds have appeared since the fall. It is the moment when to the plant is given a fertilizer every two weeks. They started to bloom … Read more


Clivia is a plant native to southern Africa, where it grows on marshy land. It was introduced in Europe in 1854. But nowadays it is still less widespread as an ornamental plant in pots apartments. It is lively, with thick roots, fleshy leaves and creates to you a special mood while watching it.The leaves are … Read more


Bougainvillea flowers have purple, red, white, orange and other different colors. No one can think of any landscape in Greece during the summer without bougainvillea that adds impressive color to every corner of the yard or white-blue background of the Greek islands. However, Bougainvillea is a plant native to the Mediterranean area. Bougainvillea grows well … Read more