These splendid climbing plants, evergreen, are very appreciated for their fleshy green leaves and for their colorful abundant flowers and simplicity of its cultivation.Its botanical name is Sander or Mandevilla splendens Dipladenia. Its name derives from the Greek “arch = double” and “Aden = gland” because of the presence of the two glands in the … Read more

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Description:Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a very common houseplants in Europe. It is a small, succulent plant, with dark green leaves and red, yellow, orange, pink and white flowers. Blossoms are small, hollow and look like stars. Cultivation and care:Kalanchoe is a plant easy to cultivate; it needs high temperatures and minimal care. These indoor plants can … Read more

Japanese Rose

This plant has the ‘hibiscus rosa-sinensis’ scientific name, with the common name of Chinese or Japanese Rose and the native home of China or India to Japan. The leaves are oval, spaced from place to place very highly colored green. With single flowers, double or beaten vigorous, shoots appear in the end. They are colored … Read more


Dahlia is an herbaceous perennial with over 15 species. It is native from North and Central America. In 1872 a box of dahlia roots was sent from Mexico to the Netherlands. One plant survived the trip and made some beautiful red flowers. Europeans have fallen in love with beautiful plants, now cultivated for thousands of … Read more

Ficus Microcarpa

Ficus Microcarpa is part of the family Moraceae and is part of the microcarpa species. Ficus genus includes very different plants from trees exceeding 30 m height in their countries of origin to dwarf species, crawling. Ficus has a different use. Ficus microcarpa (Ficus retouch) or ficus bonsai plant is a decorative interior flower, with … Read more


Bulbous hyacinths plants are highly appreciated. They are grown very much for their delightful scented flowers, which have wonderful pastel colors. Their blooming period is in spring. In trade there are forced grown bulbs which bloom in the last days of winter. Bulbs that do not bloom in spring, force themselves to bloom in winter. … Read more


Because of its spectacular leaves, Dieffenbachia is a plant widely used both in decorating homes and offices or public spaces. It can be placed in large rooms, bright winter garden, alone or in combination with other herbs that have the same requirements to environmental factors, creating decorative arrangements. Dieffenbachia is a species native from the … Read more


In this world there is a huge range of indoor flowers, among which Erica is the most appreciated. In case you have never heard of this flower, we invite you to get some information from the following article. These plants are small shrubs that bloom during the winter months. Their small leaves and flowers are … Read more


We have thought about sharing with you some information about an interesting indoor flower, called Leander. It is not such a popular indoor flower, but we hope that after reading this article, you will think about it in a different manner. During summer, you can meet them everywhere, starting with gardens, parks, alleys and finishing … Read more

Nertera Grandanesis

It is an indoor plant, with a strong decorative effect. The plant’s scientific name is Nertera granadensis (it comes from the Greek “nerteros” short), and the popular name of this indoor flower is “Baca coral.” The origins of this plant are located in Central America, Australia, New Zealand. This plant is approximately of globular shape … Read more