Calla flower

In this article we want to recommend to you a beautiful indoor flower. Its name is Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopiea) and it is a large flower with thick petals, waxy and solitary heads of 15-20 cm length. Since the bloom it may seem strange that each tuber has 10, even 30 flowers. Colors are varied – … Read more


Guzmania is a very popular plant, but few people know that this is an ephemeral plant. This is the reason why we can enjoy its beauty only for 6 months every year. Therefore, you have to replace it periodically. Guzmania is a “bromeliacee”, which can be found in subtropical forests of Central and South America … Read more


Have you ever heard of Kohleria? It is synonymous with Isoloma and its common name is Australian Bells. It is part of family Gesneriaceae and it’s original fromCentral and South America.  As far as the layout and the presentation are concerned, Kohleria looks like root plants in the form of rhizomes, stems pendent, hairy leaves and … Read more


The purpose of this article is to let you know more about a beautiful indoor flower, called Azalea. At first, its name may sound completely unfamiliar to you, but as soon as you read this information, you will soon get used to this word. It’s a nice, simple and interesting one and the indoor flower … Read more


Dracaena is a native plant from tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Under this name there are known both Cordelia and Dracaena and often florists sell them as being one and the same plant. The plants’ name comes from the Greek “drakaina” and means “dragon woman”. Both plants (Dracaena and Cordelia) have … Read more

Christmas Flower

When winter comes and people remember of Santa Clause and its beautiful meaning, most of them start to buy special indoor flowers in order to show somehow that it’s a celebration, even a special one in their families. There is a very beautiful indoor flower that is sad to be luck-bringing too and that is … Read more


If you don’t know almost anything about Crotone, let us give you a clue: this is impressive! It is a shrub with leaves fleshy, with a model that makes them appear to be colored feathers. Originally croton leaves are green, but it changes its color over time in yellow, orange or red. There are many … Read more

Orchid Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis Orchid is most common in our homes because of the easy maintenance. If you want to find the best place for them, you have to know the conditions of light, temperature and humidity of the flower. It needs to grow and flourish under certain circumstances. It adapts easily to the apartment, its flowers last … Read more


How many times haven’t you feel differently after entering to a house full of flowers? Didn’t you have away from the stress and the every-day worries? Well, have you ever thought of buying such an indoor flower too? Once you get used to it, your house will soon become more beautiful. Pelargonium (Muscat) is a … Read more


Let us introduce you to a beautiful indoor flower, which you will love from the very beginning. It will not only change your life, but your house appearance too. Gloxinia (sinningias speciosa) is a plant with short flower stems, hairy leaves and oval edges. Colors range from white to pink and to purple. They are … Read more